About us

We are both 3rd generation in the leisure industry.

We have been included all the way and therefore know what needs there are and what problems there may be.

We will use our experience from previous work in and outside the industry to create the best awning in the industry


Awning models are available for both caravans and motorhomes, with a number of unique feature. 

Simplicity and functionality have been at the forefront of our design whilst developing our new range of awnings. With this mindset, we have aimed to improve all basic features that are often overlooked, whilst also removing complex or unnecessary parts.

Most of our awnings share these same functional features, with the main difference between models being their size, shape or front-panel configuration.

Awning accessories

It is possible to choose accessories for each awning.

These include Carpet, Roof lining, Veranda pole and extra storm straps.

Everything is adapted to each awning and made of the best materials.

Awning Range

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We have some of the most passionate retailers in the industry.

At our retailer, you can see and touch our products there are on display in their stores.

This means that you as a customer can get the best advice and service when you buy your next awning.

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