Pure Drive-Away 330

Pure Drive-Away 330

Telta Pure Drive-Away 330 is the perfect drive-away awning.
Sug. retail price €1,777.78
The standout feature of the Pure range is the convenient and functional front-panel that can
be rolled into the centre, rolled up to the roof or completely removed.

Rolling up the front-panel allows the awning to swiftly be converted into a sun canopy,
without the tedium of having to remove and store the panel before needing to then reconnect
that same panel later in the day.

The drive-away edition of the Pure features a rear tunnel with plenty of adjustment available
for fitment to motorhomes between the heights of 220 - 300 cm.
A dividing wall seperates the tunnel from the rest of the awning, allowing the awning to remain
free-standing when disconnected from the vehicle allowing for the vehicle to be driven-away from
the awning without needing to take the awning down - great for helping you keep your pitch!

A lighterweight rip-stop polyester fabric is used to bring down the awnings pack-size and

This is included with the awning: Draught Skirt, Curtains, Handpump, Pegs and Peg straps.