Life 330

Life 330

Telta Pure 390 fits both caravans and motorhomes.
Sug. retail price €2,105.56

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As with all Telta awnings, the Life is taller in the front corners than other awnings, creating a
feeling of space and allowing much easier access.

The Life has a unique, flexible front panel that is split in two. This enables the panel to be
completely removed or either side can be detached.

The awning is made of a lightweight breathable material that provides a good indoor climate and reduces condensation.
The outer curve at the bottom of the awning is made of PVC which makes it easy to clean.
All windows have audience curtains in are good quality that support the awning.

A canopy protects the front of the awning with extra ventilation at the peak.

The lightly tinted windows match those on caravans and allows a great view out whilst retaining a
higher level of privacy from outside.

This is included with the awning: Draught Skirt, Curtains, Handpump, Pegs and Peg straps.